Life's Moments

Your Twin Is Out There

December 6, 2019

With over 7 billion people populating the world, there has to be at least one other person who looks like you. Doppelgangers. They are funny things.

You are unique as an individual but what happens when there is someone out there who resembles you.

The other night, I was at swim team practice and another mom told me that there was a woman that looked just like me. I’ve also been told by a Kindergarten teacher, my twin is out there. This conversation has happened on several other occasions. I believe there is more than one person in the world that has a likeness to me.

Luckily, both these women said nice things about my doubles. Really, that’s all I want in life. I have no desire to meet these people to see if it is really true. If their essence is of kindness and love and they look like me, then it’s a win-win for everyone.

Have you ever met your doppelganger?

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