A Middle School Mean Girl’s Worst Enemy: Confidence

What is it about middle school that brings out the beast in some girls? The whispers, cattiness, and bullying can turn the teen years into a sea full of tears. The destructive behavior of mean girls can even make a self-confident women in her late 30’s flinch.

Middle school is all about fitting in and finding your place in the world. Mean girls stem from harnessing insecurities of their own by trying to look cool in front of their so called friends. It’s no wonder many adults have body issues dating back to their tween years. It comes from a snide remark heard in the halls that may or may not have been meant for us. Either way, it stings and we take it as a personal attack. 

Looking Out For Others

As someone who no longer cares what others think, especially 12 year old girls, this aggression still hits a sour note with me as I think of my own daughter’s future.

I was helping my kids get settled for swim team this morning, as I walked by a small group of middle school kids. They all stared at me as I passed by blatantly pausing their conversation. Side note: I’m really good at stink eye. After I was out of ears reach, I heard them giggling and talking about that lady who just walked by. Classic middle school move.


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