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Why Do We Have To Choose One Religion?

A wave of guilt washes over me. That same one instilled in me since birth. A sense of anxiety comes up when the conversation of church comes up. I go silent and nonchalantly sidle my way out because *gasp* we don’t go to church. Why do I let my story be one of disappointment that I don’t fit into what society wants me to do? I am still a good person even if we don’t go to church.

Truth is, church hasn’t really been a fit for me since high school. I grew up going to church, but have never really been a religious person. It took me years to realize where my spiritual path was going and to not be ashamed of who I am.

When we had kids, I knew they would start questioning my beliefs and asking hard questions. As someone who sees themselves as more spiritual than religious, I had to dig down deep and reflect upon these answers before responding to my kids. Most of these questions are ones I’ve asked myself so I knew this was my truth.



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