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Why Now Is The Best Time To Be Nostalgic

April 30, 2020

Each Friday, we celebrate our week with pizza and a movie. It allows us a family to come and wrap up the work we’ve done together. We are able to relax and enjoy one another’s company.

Now more than ever, do we need this release. During this period of online distance learning, my kids stick to a schedule Monday through Friday to stay caught up with their lessons.

So come Friday evening, we are all ready to kick back and bond as one unit through the magic of film.

There is something about being home with my kids that makes me nostalgic about my own childhood, so I’ve taken it upon myself to go into the vault and bring back movies from my childhood for our family to watch.

Movies like The Sandlot, Princess Bride, Tripp Beverly Hills, Sister Act, Mighty Ducks, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook and so on take me back to a simpler time in my life where all I had to worry about was picking out a movie.

Between movies from the 90’s and recreating recipes from my grandmothers, I’d say my kids are experiencing a new way of life allowing them simplicity to their once full schedule.

During this quarantine, what are you doing to boost spirits?

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