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This One Thing Has Made “Staying At Home” Fly By

May 3, 2020

Some days it feels like the 4728482nd day of March but most of the time I can’t believe how fast we are moving through this Stay At Home order.

It seems that Fridays come sooner and sooner each week. The kids finish up another week of school in awe.

When we reflect back on the past 8 weeks, we ask ourselves “what are we doing to make the time pass so quickly?”

It comes down to one recurring theme: FUN!

We aren’t focused on activities being canceled or our favorite places being closed. Instead, we approach the day thinking about what we can do to make it more fun.

During the pandemic, we’ve done so much that we wouldn’t normally make time for:

  • Puzzles
  • Family movie night
  • Weekly hikes in local parks
  • Daily walks as a family
  • Chalking the driveway
  • Creating new games
  • Science projects
  • Reading series of books together
  • Art projects galore
  • Refinishing our basement
  • Card and Board games out the wazoo
  • Pick up volleyball games in the backyard
  • Trying new recipes
  • Weekly ice cream treats
  • Generally laughing as much as we can

Some days I think about how we might have to go without some luxuries this summer like our community pool, camps, vacations, sports and other things that normally filled our days.

It’s more or less about missing the aspects that usually go on during our summer break. But then I flip my mind to focus on what we can do.

We’ve gotten creative with our time and I know we won’t be glued to our devices because we have been able to do so during our time at home without depending on them.

How have you been able to get through this pandemic at home?

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