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“Staying At Home” Provides The Perfect Time To Pass Down Traditions

April 27, 2020

Together, we gathered all the ingredients. Pulled out the mixing bowls and found the recipe. As we read over the instructions, it was clear the directions were very vague. My daughter came to me the other day in her venture to bake more while we are on lockdown with the idea to make a peach cobbler.

My mind instantly flashed back to my grandmother’s house and the decadent peach flip she would make. It’s been years since I’ve had it and emailed her immediately for the recipe. Instead of finding a recipe online, why not give my child something from her family.

We both read and re-read the part about rolling out the dough and putting the filling in. It’s one of those things that doesn’t quite make sense on paper but when you begin using your hands, it just comes to you. As we sit and wait for the dough to rise before baking commences, it gives me time to see how these last 7 weeks have been both a challenge and a blessing.

This peach flip recipe is one of many things we have done together as a family during this pandemic. My younger two have shown interest in sewing, we’ve created, built, experimented and tested lots of ideas that might have once been lost.

They are learning how to be even more self-sufficient, attempting new things with feeling of complete and utter safety at home. My children are able to test theories and have learned how to fail gracefully. Right now, we have nothing but time, so if they mess up, we can figure out what went wrong and try it again.

The creative juices from the kitchen to the tool bench over to the science lab are abundantly flowing through our house. We are doing things that bring back memories from my own childhood, things I learned from my parents and grandparents. Before the coronavirus, these traditions might have been forgotten because our calendar was always full. Now, as we’ve slowed down, we have time to remember and reminisce about what we want to share with our future generations.

What have you taken the time to do during your stay at home time?

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