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Which Side Of The Bed Did You Choose To Wake Up On?

October 7, 2019

Oh wow, the sun is coming up behind those clouds. Slowly blinks opens eye from a great night’s sleep. Realizes that it’s usually pitch black out when I normally get up. Looks up at ceiling for the time: 7:28am!!!

Oh my gosh, we all slept in! Bolts out of bed, runs to daughter’s room to see if she is awake. Nope. Get up, we all slept in!

Then calms down, jumps in shower, gets dressed and sees that I still have time to take the dog on a walk.

That’s how my day usually begins is with a slow, walk with the dog. I can re-calibrate this day with a change in attitude. So I do. Then the rest of the morning is smooth sailing and we can get back to regular scheduled programming.

I could have either freaked out and let the late wake up ruin my whole day or take it in stride moving forward.

I decided with the former and it was the right decision.

How do you deal with sudden changes in your life?

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