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What It’s Like Coming Back From “Island” Time…

December 28, 2019

For the last couple days, I felt like I was in a fantasy land. The daily rituals went by the wayside. The thing is I didn’t feel off but more in a different world. The time spent with family I was present with them enjoying the holidays.

It felt as if we were on a vacation and the laws of time and space didn’t apply to us. Now we are back home and after the downtime I’m ready to fill in my calendar again with yoga, journaling, meditating and even taking the dog for a walk. For the last couple days, I’ve been floating on a cloud and now it’s time to ground myself again.

Not that the time away from my norm isn’t good, it’s great, but it’s not a place my type A personality can live forever. I need a little structure in my life , even if it is only by doing five little actions each day.

It’s enough to keep me on track.

How were your holidays?

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