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What Does Loving Yourself Truly Look Like?

August 18, 2019

How do we take the programming that society has projected to us all of our lives and flip the switch? Having a positive body image and loving myself as it is, is something I’ve been really diving into lately. It’s easy to say the words but the real part is truly believing what you say. I can say affirmations all day long but if I don’t have an unshakeable belief in what I’m saying than it’s a moot point.

We can change our world by changing our thoughts and feelings towards anything, but when something negative has been ingrained in your being for so long, it’s time to really believe it.

I want to be able to look at pictures of myself and see only good instead of focusing on my flaws. My goal for the next year is to consciously flip my switch to positive thoughts about myself when I noticed the negative thoughts come in.

When you look at yourself, where does your focus lie?

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