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Getting Creative As A Family For Birthday Celebrations

November 23, 2019

It’s that time of year at our house. No, not the holidays. Birthday season.

Two of my kids were born at the end of the year. One was born on Thanksgiving Day and the other was born four days after Christmas. To say that the last six weeks of the calendar year is full is an understatement.

Ever since they were born, I’ve always made and decorated cakes for them. With four kids having birthdays within five months of one another, the cake making gets to be excessive. It’s not that my ideas have gone away, it’s just a lot.

This year my oldest son informed me that he wanted an angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream. That’s it? I can do that!

Not only will it be super yummy but there is less food coloring that turns my hands blue this year. I’m pretty sure I will be alright when they want to make the switch to store bought cakes. I’ll even splurge for the fancy ones.

Except for the fact that my kids love to help make their own cakes and decorate. I used to keep it a secret but now that they want to help, I’ll take it.

Do you do hand made or store bought birthday cakes?

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