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The Choice Is Always Yours To Say No

January 14, 2020

My intention for this year is to detox our home. Getting rid of unnecessary chemicals, swapping out single use plastic, and generally looking for more Earth friendly choices we can make as a family.

By declaring this to friends and family, I prepared myself for a bombardment of network marketers pitching me their products. I get it. I was in the industry for 5+ years and I know how excited people get when other people start talking about their passion.

I am a pretty intuitive person and pay attention to my friends’ careers. So trust me when I say, if I have a question about what you sell then I will come and ask you. And don’t for a second take my no with any amount of defense. As a type a person, I am wired to research for what might seem an eternity.

I’m happy to try your stuff, but I have no interest in selling your products. As an introvert and someone who has an in-depth understanding of the industry, listen to me when I say I’m not interested.

I support you 100% and even though you also have complete understanding of your product line, I still want to make my own decisions (and possible mistakes). If your product is something I want, don’t worry I will come to you first. But please don’t suggest I re-open my Facebook account, so I can join your group. I got rid of all my social media for this reason.

On that note, friend who sells, I still love you, but remember the choice is mine to say no without any other discussion.

Have you ever gotten nervous to mention something you want to do to a friend in fear they are going to try to get you to buy something?

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