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Choose Your Own “Stay At Home” Adventure – The Social Distancing Version

April 1, 2020

This stay at home during COVID-19 could have gone one of two ways.

I could have parked myself on the couch, binge watching Netflix, eating tons of junk and perusing social media for hours on end. This would could an increase of anxiety, depression and overall blah-ness.

OR I could have take daily walks with my family, do yoga, be engaged while my kids were doing school work, complete huge projects, stay up on all the cleaning and creating a new normal.

I chose method two! All this meant is I stuck to my regular schedule programming with some adjustments here and there.

My house stays cleaner than it ever has because I make time (and have more time) to tidy up after we eat, do projects and the like. The kids have stricter rules on electronic usage because I’m not preoccupied with multiple things on my mind.

Our family is doing things to enhance our brain power like learning new languages, reading more books, keeping a schedule to stay on routine and connecting with family via Facetime (Zoom or Hangouts).

Sure, I wish it didn’t take a worldwide pandemic virus to make these changes, but I’m choosing to see the silver lining here. We are so fortunate to be able to stay at home exercising social distancing. For that, I’m not going to take one of these precious moments for granted.


What has changed for you since the stay at home order was released?

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