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How To Fill The Void With Quality Time

February 2, 2020

When your calendar has empty spaces, what do you we normally like to do? Fill it with stuff. What if instead we learned how to appreciate the blankness and fill it with quality time.

With a big family, our calendar is a rainbow of color. There is always something going on with school, activities, and sports until there’s not. This weekend was a blank slate.

The exception being that we had a pair of basketball games at the same time on Saturday but other than that there was nothing scheduled to do.

It was blissful.

It’s nice to be able to not do anything. In particular.

I did do something and it was equally blissful. Binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix with my preteen.

She’s at an age now where she’d rather be in her room or hanging out at her friend’s houses. Being with mom is no longer the thing to do. So when she was going around the house trying to enlist someone to watch this show with her, I jumped on it.

There are still times when she and I are able to cuddle for extended periods of time. This is one of them.

It also a great time to insert interludes of conversation. Especially in those controversial moments or the ones where a couple on screen starts making out. We love pointing out together how uncomfortable it is to watch sex scenes with your parents.

Usually she is plugged into music and doesn’t hear me, so having this one on one time with her is important.

Instead of finding things to fill our time, I cherish the moments of quiet we have at home.

What do you do with your empty spaces of time? 

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