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The Battle of the School Fundraiser

October 9, 2019

School fundraisers are not my jam. Candles, wrapping paper, flowers, etc. I get it. The school has to raise money in order for the kids to be able to do fun things.

With that being said, I’m totally down with writing a check and letting that be my donation for the year. The only fundraisers I get on board with are:

  1. healthy, fun runs
  2. euchre night for the parents (i.e. date night)
  3. a kid run/kidpreneur event

I will gladly hand over my money for those types of events because they are either building character, enhancing their leadership skills, are good for the kids, or are good for the parents. On the other hand, I really don’t want to buy things that will collect dust in my house or I eventually toss/get rid of.

Today, my kids did the fun run at their school and all ran over 2 miles each. This is something I can get on board with because they are doing something active while having fun and raising funds for field trips, school events and more.

What will you gladly hand over your money for?

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