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Taking Responsibility For Others

October 25, 2019

Namely children…

I went on my son’s second grade field trip today and I am wiped out. Not necessarily physically because all I had to do was follow he and another boy around, but mentally. Being in charge of someone else’s kid is exhausting.

With your own kid, you know their boundaries and how far they are willing to wander off without checking for you. You know their threshold for pain when they fall down and also how long you have until a bathroom is a necessity.

Unlike with other children, where you have to fly by the seat of your pants. It’s not a hard job to watch someone else but it’s more about being on guard all the time. Each day I have more and more respect for teacher who are responsible for our kids’ lives.

And like any parent/caregiver, they learn what their students’ can and cannot handle.

I have four kids and watching an extra kid today makes me want to take a nap!

What activity mentally drains you?


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