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Argument For A Large Family

October 27, 2019

We had a bunch of kids so they would play together, be company for one another and generally be a built in best friend.

Except for those days they don’t get along, want to be alone and just don’t want to play together.

Then there is my youngest who always wants someone to lay with him. Usually that person is me.

While I love playing with him (sometimes), I am trying to teach him self-reliance. He’s good at playing by himself when he’s on a device but when it comes to electronic free time, he’s not so good at being alone.

His older brothers are more introverted than. He would love to have someone with him at all times but they sure love their alone time.

I love having a big family because we learn a lot from each other but it also shows me how different my children are and what needs they have.

Big or small families?

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