Life's Moments

“Rain, Rain, Go Away…”

October 26, 2019

Actually, it’s great that you are here. I’m totally grateful for the rainy day. Sure, sometimes the rain can dampen our plans, but what if you look at the sogginess with appreciation. There might be activities people wanted to do and the rain put the kibosh on it, but it might be a blessing for others.

People might live in an area that desperately needs the rain for their plants to flourish. Some people might need a break from the craziness of life welcoming the calming nature of rain to slow them down a bit.

That is exactly how I’m looking at the day. We have been going strong since our trip to Florida and I really haven’t had a moment to lay around the house and chill. The weather is not something we can truly predict or control but what we can monitor is our thoughts.

If you were looking forward to something but the weather changed your plans, can you find the good in the change? I think what the weather really teaches us is how to go with the flow and find the positive in any situation even if at the moment it sucks.

Can you find the positive side of your weather today?

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