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Finishing The Basement Is Helping Us Declutter

October 2, 2019

Again, I’m amazed at what remodeling a basement can do for my love of minimalism. The other day as we scored the concrete floor with our circular saw, the amount of dust created was huge.

We are fairly new to this whole large home remodeling thing and made a rookie mistake. We didn’t cover any of our things that were in the basement. Therefore, every inch was covered with a layer of concrete dust.

After the initial cutting, we gave everything a wipe down, but it was cleared most things needed to be hosed down. I grabbed my bucket of water and vinegar cleaning all surfaces in the basement to rid our belongings of dirty water streaks.

So here’s where the great part came in… We unloaded the basement of old toys I thought were still keepers onto the driveway. Turns out when the kids came out, they decided that we could get rid of most of the items. There were a few things of my husband’s as well that he let go of.


Cheers to cleaning out the crawl space next. I wonder what else I can get rid of…


Do you like keeping lots of things or purging?



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