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Bend Your Own Rules

August 13, 2019

During the summer, I set electronic rules for my kids so they aren’t plugged in all day long. I did really well at this until the week my youngest got his tonsils out then our rules when by the wayside. Mind you this was with only two weeks of summer left, so for the majority of the time, we kept to our agreed upon schedule.

Now, the place where I do bend the rules is when we have to go to certain places where they need to stay occupied so they don’t touch things. Like when their sister has to get her haircut and there are lots of fun spinning chairs, cool bottles of nail polish and bowls of water. This is where I bend my rules no matter what time of day it is. Car trips that are longer than an hour change things up a bit. And four hour swim meets where I need them to stay in one spot while I’m helping their siblings get to their designated spots.

Not everything can be set in stone, I also have to keep my sanity in check. As we start to wrap up summer, a new electronics rule for the school year will be put into place. I’m not quite in love what we did last year and feel like there needs to be some adjustments to after school usage.


What are your rules for the school year?


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