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Soak In The Quiet

August 15th, 2019

What are you going to do with yourself today? It’s the first day of school and all my kids head back. My youngest is in half day Kindergarten and he is only going in for his assessment today. This gives me a two hour time block to relish in the peace and quiet. And relish I will.

While I have big plans to get lots done, it might also be nice to sit down and just be.

I am as excited for school starting as they were and got up before six this morning. The goal here is to get as much done as possible before they head off. Totally possible as it’s still dark out and everyone is sleeping.

Today is about easing into a new schedule and not being hard on myself. We are going to take the new school year minute by minute and not dwell on what doesn’t get done today. There is no sense worrying about that but instead enjoying spending time with me!

How are you feeling about school starting again?

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