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Not Just For Sundays…

September 8, 2019

The internet is full of special days of the week: Wellness Wednesday, Throw Back Thursday, Man Crush Monday and so on. One I come across is Self-Care Sunday and while I think it’s great to honor the day for taking some time for you, one day is not enough for me.

In order to be the best mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend to the people I love, I need to spend time each day focusing on me.

If not, then I can feel it in my interactions with them. I become short, distracted, annoyed, etc. All the things, self-care is supposed to help prevent. When I take the time for me each day of the week, I am listening to what I need.

I don’t always have to be taking care of other people (even though most of my life consists of that). The pause in my day to give myself attention is essential.

While I know that people are busy and Sundays feel like the best option, it is possible to take even five minutes a day to say YES to You!


How do you take care of yourself each day?


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