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How Baking Can Bring Your Family Together?

November 27, 2019

School is out for the long weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving. A time to relax and enjoy one another’s company. We are so grateful for an empty calendar to be together. On the day before turkey day, the kids and I will be baking pies and cookies.

I mentioned to them yesterday that we are going to do this and all four of them wanted to help. Preparing our big meal together is more important to me than the actually eating. Sure, that part is tasty and yummy, it lasts all of 30 minutes and we are done.

The prep work takes two days. Throw in parades, football, holiday movies and sometimes a birthday celebration depending on the year and now we’ve got the memories.

They not only get to help, but they take pride in their work, making sure everyone knows they were the one who made the dish.

As the kids get older, I have to do less and less in the kitchen, except sit back and enjoy the company. (Oh, and I clean up, too…)

Do you tackle food prep alone or do you have help?

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