I fell in love with the accountability of writing about my Social Media break throughout the month of February that I decided to continue on with Monthly Challenges for myself. For March, this new habit might seem small but the benefits I can already tell will be monumental.

No Eating After Dinner Challenge

I found that I was decompressing from the day by crashing on the couch after I got the kids into bed. I grab a snack (usually 4 Oreos, maybe more) and cuddle up with my hubby to watch reruns of Everyone Loves Raymond. It was our time together, to chat about the day and enjoy each other’s company while the kids were in bed.

What I realized is that I was also using this time to eat foods that I wouldn’t normally eat in front of the kids cultivating an unhealthy habit for myself. It’s time for me to be mindful about how I’m treating my body, so what better way than to give it a break after what usually is our biggest meal of the day.