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Small Daily Changes Can Attribute to Lifelong Growth

No Eating After Dinner Challenge: Day 12

I don’t know what I expected from this challenge. When I decided to do this, I came from a place where I needed to treat my body with kindness especially when it came to food. But apparently, anything after giving up social media for a month perils in significance because if I could get through such a big obsession then being intentional to not eating after dinner seems like a cake walk. If I had done this first, I might have come up with more obstacles but since I tackled the biggest fish at the get go, I got this! The urge to eat after dinner is not as strong a pull as touching my phone.

Something I still have to be super mindful about. 

I feel satiated (not full) after dinner and have not found myself in search of a sweet treat most nights. I will grab some water but that is because I am truly thirsty. My willpower for food was always weak but that’s because it is where I put my focus. This month was not about making some huge monumental change but really looking at how something small will grow over time. My stomach has had less issues, my clothes are a little looser and despite children being sick and having nightmares I have been sleeping well. I am less preoccupied by food and am making better choices throughout the day by choosing water; keeping myself hydrated and full.

It might sound like this challenge is no big deal, but it really is. Making these little adjustments have led to other habit changes organically. One builds on another and looking back at the past year, I can now see how I’ve changed. I can honestly answer yes to the questions: Are you happier, healthier, calmer, less worried about things.?

Take stock of where I am now and then looking back to see how I have grown makes it all worthwhile to jot down this experience everyday really seeing the difference from the beginning of the month to the end.

On that first day, I get all excited and nervous at once. Through the journey, I experience the highs and lows, the great days and the slip ups. All to culminate at the end to see if the habit has stuck and evaluate to see if I will be able to continue on with for a lifetime. Sometimes adjustments need to be made but that is part of life and the growth process. It’s not going to be perfect but when I am able to stick with my habit, I see progress. That spike of dopamine makes you want to keep doing what makes you feel good.



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