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The Night Before: Junk Food Overload

No Eating After Dinner Challenge: Day 1

Apparently, my brain has a must overdo function “the day before” mentality. Like I said yesterday, it’s all about small baby steps. I’m not overhauling my nutrition in a drastic way. This is not about setting myself up for long term failure in order to meet short term goals. I am creating good habits over time with incremental changes each day. Some how my logical brain did not tell my spontaneous brain this information.

Normally, I eat really well throughout the day with appropriate snacks and meals. Yesterday my stomach did not get the memo and “forced” me to eat a ton of junk food, not at night but all day long. I even succumbed to the buy 2 get 1 free Reese’s eggs sale at the grocery store. It was like a free for all up in here.

My own personal Last Supper. 

This is where intentional and mindful eating go to die. As I was stuffing my mouth with who knows what, a thought came up about why am I suddenly eating junk food when the only time I really do is during my late night Oreo habit? So weird and then for a millisecond, fear, Am I pregnant?


Only poor mindless choices on my part. Looking back it was a smorgasbord of chips, cookies, donuts, noodles with a heavy sauce, and nachos. I couldn’t believe it myself as I sat down to recall the gorge of food.

Giving up sugar for a month might be another good challenge. 

Today I woke up with a different attitude ready to take on this challenge of no eating after dinner. The intention piece on my part at least for the first week will be about trying not to make up those extra calories during the day.

This correlates perfectly with the social media challenge because I knew it was close to an addiction or extreme obsessive behavior in the least. My relationship with food is very similar. While it’s not drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or porn, it’s more of a socially acceptable breed of addiction.

One that no one would notice directly except for myself. Taking on these two habits right out of the gate is not for the faint of heart but will be highly beneficial to my inner and outer peace of mind.

Even one small change to when I eat will help unleash other food demons that will allow me to confront my relationship with food on a deeper level.

Once and for all!

As we go along this journey, I will continue opening up about my health history and all the ups and downs I’ve had mentally and physically gone through over the last 25 years or so.

I might need more than a month…


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