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Free Yourself From The Toddler Like Tantrum Of The Ego

No Eating After Dinner Challenge: Day 16 & 17

Like attracts like and it’s no different for habits. On days when I want to sit around, watch movies and be on my phone, I have to be more intentional about what I am eating because otherwise I will mindlessly find myself in front of a cookie or a Resse egg.

Dang, Easter candy.

But on the days when I am living in the present, those days flow seamlessly. It’s curious how being on my phone and plugged into social media can alter my eating habits.

Breaking a nine year habit is not a simple feat.

When I’m on my guard all the time, I try not to beat myself up when I break a habit. It is easy to get sucked into  old ways and the decisions I make can go either really good or really bad.

I am human and no where near perfect but failing doesn’t make me want to stop trying to make my life simpler. On the days where I fall back into old habits, it is hard. I end the day wanting to do nothing but eat. I don’t but I want to. They are filled with anxiety and deep breaths are a must to get through the day.

When I am able to stop myself from the constant checking and being attached to my phone, I feel so much better mentally and physically. The question lies in why wouldn’t I want to feel like this all the time? My soul want this feeling of calm but my ego is like that’s a hard no. I need you to stay with what we have known for years. I know you are struggling and have a plan to try something new but we are all good with the status quo.

The moment you being to change, your ego has a tantrum like a toddler trying to get a cookie at the grocery store.

You can either give into the tantrum or you can take a deep breath and stay strong in your ways. One will keep your ego happy and one will make you uncomfortable but push you to make huge strides in your own personal growth.

For years, I let the toddler win, metaphorically and realistically, but the more I stand in my truth, the less I let my ego win. I allow my own thoughts to come through, you know, the life changing ones. The ones that happen when you can be still and let the (good) voices in your head be heard. These are the days I deliberately slow down, sit back and enjoy the ride.



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