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Meditating Can Be Done Off The Mat

December 3, 2019

Most days I meditate in the traditional sense, but there are some days where a good silent walk with the dog focusing on my breathing and an extra long savasana during yoga does the trick.

Surrounding myself in nature or being still is like a moving meditation. Sometimes I am quiet, other times I talk through it. There is no right or wrong way to meditate as long as you are tapping into your awareness.

Thoughts come and go while we are meditating but the part to remember is to let them pass without judgement. This might mean that you are sitting still or you are generally aware of your breathing.

Meditations can occur in long hour long sessions or in quick bursts of taking a few deep breaths. What might work for you best one way could change the next time you sit. Be kind to yourself and let your inner guide take you where you need to go in that moment not where you have been in the past.

How do you bring awareness to the forefront of your mind?

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