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My Secret For Stress Free Holiday Shopping…

December 4, 2019

Several years ago when my kids were small and I had to take them everywhere with me, I came across a trick to holiday shopping. Now that I’m divulging this holiday secret, don’t make me regret it. The best time to go to the malls is at 10am on Monday mornings.

That’s it. You will get in and out as long as you know what you are shopping for.

Mind you, when I came across this hidden gem, Amazon wasn’t selling everything under the sun. Now my holiday secret is shopping online and only venturing outdoors if necessary.

Crowds, lines and me don’t do so well together. It’s not that I’m not patient, I’m working on that, it’s that I like to be efficient. There are other things I’d like to be doing other than standing in lines waiting to buy things I know I could have gotten online.

And can you believe I’ve never been Black Friday shopping once? Cyber Monday is more my thing, if that. I might even do InstaCart or Click List during the holidays so I can avoid crowds at the grocery store as well.

How do you shop for the holidays?

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