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Managing Screen Time on Vacation

manage screen time

When you travel to Europe, Cayman Islands or anywhere in the Caribbean and decided to go off the grid, the first couple days can be difficult especially if you are used to constantly being on your phone. The nervous ticks draw you in to make sure you aren’t missing anything occur throughout the day.  Then all of a sudden a new norm begins to take over and you are learning how to relax and take a break from reality. Even the moment you first tap on a social media icon seems surreal because you want to stay in your little bubble.

Unplugging While Traveling

In a place of familiarity like home, it’s easy to get pulled into the busyness of the day. Making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be, calendars are filled, and showing up for work. There is a schedule to be followed and we feel that need to be plugged in everywhere.

Unlike when you are on vacation, the rule book gets thrown out the window. Bedtimes are nonexistent until you find one of your children passed out from the day. There is no where to be, you are able to relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family. Conversations flow with ease while board games and cards come out to ensure more together time.

The devices get stashed away only making an appearance when the kids (or mom) need some down time. On our most recent vacation, I began to notice how calm everyone was with belly to belly interaction. There were no electronics to distract us, so we could fully enjoy the time we had in the moment. No one was answering  urgent emails, allowing the tasks from home to fade into the background focusing on the fun. If you are looking for a fun water adventure, you might want to take a look at the site here for a once-in-a-lifetime Kern River rafting adventure.

Managing Screen Time

Sure, I took lots pictures to capture memories but many of those won’t end up on social media. I felt myself melting into the present, lifting any worry looming over me from back home. There was no concern about coming up with material to post. The stress of our schedule faded as I sat in the stillness watching the rare black squirrels chase one another up and down the trees. My only care was making sure my hot coffee didn’t spill on the furniture while I enjoyed doing nothing.

The biggest obstacle I face currently is figuring out how to bring this vacation mentality back into the hustle and bustle of reality. How to make it possible to have that relaxed feeling become the norm instead of worrying about schedules. Venturing out and exploring all the wonderful attractions our city has to offer. To allow the childlike whimsy, the adults adopted on vacation to become a constant in our everyday lives. Letting the things that bring us joy rule the day instead of fall back into a tired routine. Most importantly, not letting what others on doing on social media control how I live my life.

The goal is to live on “island time” all the time living a life that fills up my soul.


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