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Letting Go Of Being Busy Can Lead To Better Dental Health

Social Media Break: Day 18

Does anyone else dread going to the dentist knowing they are going to ask if you floss? For years, I gave them the blank stare of death but since I began learning more about my true self, I don’t sugar coat it anymore.

It’s a hard no.

And I don’t feel guilty about telling the truth but I did feel bad about neglecting my gums. Now, if we are going to be completely honest here, then here it goes. I only brush my teeth once a day in the morning. *GASP* Sometimes at night but it’s not a consistent habit.

For the longest time, I used the free toothbrush they give you when you go for your visit every six months. That’s how often I replaced it, too. Then at my last check up, they said my gums were a little more puffy than they would like. I’d rather be preventative than reactive so when I got home, I opened up the electric toothbrush we had sitting in the drawer and began using it. Then I had the sample floss that came in the goodie bag and thought maybe I’m making this more difficult than it seems.

Ever since, I’ve been intentional about slowing down and letting go of that rushed feeling and busyness of the day,  I’ve opened myself up to take care of my dental health. A part of my body that is brushed over lightly.

Pun intended. Bad, I know.

My morning routine takes roughly 20 minutes and that includes a shower but I am able to enjoy each part because it’s my alone time to care for myself.

My oral routine starts off with 10-15 minutes of coconut oil pulling.

My dentist was not thrilled with this but I’m convinced that this method has given me the ability to chew on the right side of my mouth where she had a complication from removing a cavity. Bonus: it’s whitening my teeth as well. 

Then while I’m swishing oil, I do my face routine, using witch hazel and tea tree oil as a toner then applying a balancing oil to breakouts on my face. I put on eyeliner and mascara (my essentials), get dressed and if I still have time to kill before spitting out the oil then I make my bed.

Yes, with all the pillows, Every Single Day!

Once that is complete, I brush every tooth front and back (it only takes a minute or two) and then floss.

That’s it.  Before being mindful about how I was spending my time, I was sure there wasn’t enough time to add in 30 seconds of flossing. I was too busy for that. Now, I want to slow down and take care of parts of my body that I have previously neglected for many years. The key to this is wanting to age healthily to be around for the long haul for my family.

If flossing to have strong gums will do it, then so be it. It’s amazing what letting go of social media distractions can do for your overall well-being!

Who would have thought, it was so much more than social media? wink, wink.


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