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Time Is Of The Essence

Social Media Break: Day 17

The sun and warmth finally popped out to give us a day outside that we all desperately needed. Being cooped up in the house all winter meant that we head out and do all the things.

Cam and I went to the park and I *gasp* left my phone intentionally in the car. Before this challenge, these park visits were mostly for him to run off some energy while mom took a break catching up with people on social media. As I’ve said before, I totally don’t judge any parent who does this because I did it, too.

Judgment free zone!

I also didn’t take any obligatory first nice day pics to post on social media at the park while Cam is yelling at me to watch him only to glance up for a sec to say good job buddy and then back to my screen. But man, it was totally on my mind.


While there were tons of moms to meet at the park, I only spoke to one. Parks are a great place to network but instead I took this time to be with Cameron: playing games with him, swinging him high into the sky, hiding his jacket and finding it and really letting loose to have some one on one time with him.

This challenge has made me aware that time is the highest currency.

  • Time to get to know my kids better.
  • Time to watch them interact with one another.
  • Time to hear their stories.
  • Time to teach them new things.
  • Time to see them excel.
  • Time to see them make mistakes.
  • Time to let them be kids and create lasting memories of their mom being present with them.

A couple years ago, I was totally on the work/family balance kick where I would schedule in times to be working and times when I would completely shut off and be present with my family. Ask me how well that went.

Why we are here today doing this challenge.

I honestly can’t remember if it lasted more than a couple days. The idea was good but the execution needed some help. I knew I didn’t do it long enough because I couldn’t completely shut my mind off from what was going on in my social media world. I made some big changes like shutting off notifications from apps on my phone, but the urge to go check was still very strong and it didn’t make a difference that I turned off the dings and little numbers.

Oddly, I feel this same urge with checking email right now as a way to satisfy my need to want to check something. When I do come back after this break, I will need to stay mindful in order to continue the great work I have already accomplished in the last 17 days.

In order to do this successfully, for the final 13 days I’m going to be mindful about checking email. Allowing myself to do a check three times a day and that’s it. Once in the morning, afternoon and before shutting down for the evening. This constant checking needs to be nipped in the bud NOW because I have that same addictive behavior. I know that if I don’t get this under control, then I will be easily swayed into old habits.

I was going to do this as next month’s challenge, but I’m positive this is something that needs to be incorporated into the whole social media break. It will be easy to add in but it is necessary to put it out there so I can be accountable to myself.

We are upping the ante!


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