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Why I Moved My Phone Off My Nightstand

Social Media Break – Day 3

Today, I had a friend ask me how my detox was going. Hmm, I never really thought about it in that way. In my head, I was taking a break to work on my obsession. When she said it, it all made sense, because when you go through a detox your body goes through withdraw symptoms.

Enter Me!

I told her there were highs and lows but I haven’t cracked yet. The thing I am doing is overcompensating by being too busy. Quite the opposite of what I am trying to accomplish here. I was grateful for her when she gave me several ways on how to stay grounded throughout this process.

Hello, beautiful Black Tourmaline.

Last night, I took Luci to her skating lesson and during that time I usually crank out a bunch of social media work and mindless scrolling. As I looked around, it seemed that this was the official party line for all the other parents, too. I intentionally left my phone in my purse only checking it twice to see if John had texted me about Jake’s basketball practice.

I still have Mom responsibilities.

I also brought my journal to document the day but instead of keeping myself busy, I sat and was a watchful observer. I saw Luci have one of her best lessons yet and when she came off the ice, she told me how confident she felt out there. I loved how I was able to know exactly what she was talking about instead of being off in my own world. We were able to talk about all her moves without me having to fake it.

As I sat there people watching, I also took a personal inventory about my habits that have already made some shifts.  Patience has always been something I need to work on but now that I have one less big distraction I can be calm around my children instead of feeling annoyed that they are constantly interrupting me, which they were because I was attached to my screen.

They still know how to push my buttons but what I’ve noticed is that I don’t fly off the handle as easily and I can take a deliberate pause before I respond. The only thing that still can make me go batty is low blood sugar.

Mama’s gotta eat.

One last adjustment I made today was moving my phone off of my nightstand. Having it right there next to me before bed allowed me to check just one more time right before I fell asleep. Now, it’s plugged in across the room forcing me to physically get out from underneath the warmth of my covers.

No one’s got time for that.

Today, my intention is to take some time to evaluate what is going to happen after the 30 days as I ease myself back into the social media world and what I want to accomplish and how to spend my precious time.

And be ok with doing nothing.


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