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It Is More Than Ok To Rest Your Body

September 20, 2019

Know when it is time to give yourself a break. Much of our day is go, go, go and when we don’t give ourselves time to rest, our body shuts down. This is usually when we get sick, but if you can recognize when it’s time to slow down, you can stop the virus in it’s tracks.

Yes, I felt a headache coming on and I knew after how fast this week went with all our activities and errands that I needed a rest. I made myself lay on the couch with a book and even closed my eyes for a few. I saw that something was trying to take me down and wasn’t going to have it.

Usually, I’m all for getting up early and tackling the day with my daily rituals but this morning, I slept in. That extra hour of sleep gave me the perspective I needed to see how much my body needed more shut eye.

Sure, my schedule for the day might be a little wonky, but it’s all good because I can easily adapt to this type of change. I’ll do anything to keep my body healthy so that I can continue enjoying the fun activities we have planned.

Do you tend to run yourself to the ground or can you read the signs from your body?

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