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Finding A Place Of Your Own In A Full House

December 8, 2019

When you have lots of kids, you always have a buddy to snuggle on the couch with until you want to be alone… Then all the good places to read have been overthrown by kids and the noise that comes with them.

Some days that’s all I want, but after a long weekend and book that I really want to dive into, finding a comfy place to land is harder to find. My go to hiding spot isn’t the best for reading and I know that if I lay down in my bed and snuggle up, it’ll be shut eye for good.

While a nap also sounds like a good decision, the book is calling my name. All my other usual suspect places to read have been hijacked by the children. If I could get them to snuggle and read then I would be happy to share my spot with them, but it’s not as idyllic as it seems in my head.

But guess what happens when you start typing in a spot where one of your children has landed…they leave. Now to get my read on!

Where is your go-to reading spot?

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