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The Upside To A Migraine

November 5, 2019

Ugh, migraines can be so debilitating. This morning started off great. I went to vote, did our big grocery shopping for the month, came home to my four kids playing nicely. Then I saw it.

The twinkle in my eye that precedes an oncoming migraine. Blurring in the eye is never a good sign and I’m glad I was at home on a day where the kids were off.

My kids were all playing in the living room so I went into the office to work on getting rid of my symptoms. I found a Yoga for Migraines video and kept my eyes closed the whole time. I then found my way to the couch with my eyes shut.

I could hear the kids in the other room. Then they wanted lunch and I said I would be there in a minute to help them. They asked if they could do it themselves and I was floored. YES!

Please and Thank You.

I was dozing in and out, but after several notes saying I couldn’t come in the kitchen, they came and got me. They had made breakfast for lunch, set the table and were serving each other. It was the best thing I could have asked for when I wasn’t feeling myself.

Knowing they were taking good care of one another let my body fall into a complete sleep for the next several hours. My body was telling me to take a break from the go, go, go and relax.

How do you handle migraines?

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