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My Type A Personality Shines Through During Our Extended Coronavirus “Spring Break”

March 16, 2020

My type A, organized personality shone through in clutch time. When Ohio governor, Mike Dewine declared that schools shut down for a minimum of three weeks, I went into shock for a hot second.

Not only do I not have a homeschooling personality, my kids really love school. All four of them get excited to head off for the day to learn and be with friends. So it was my job to turn mom mode on hardcore and figure out how to make this period more enjoyable for everyone.

Luckily, our school district has equipped us with a plethora of things to do while the kids are on an extended Coronavirus break, but how to get it down is up to you. Everything I’ve read about kid over the years is how they truly crave schedules, so even though my oldest wasn’t too keen on this, I knew she would thrive with it.

As a family, we mapped out the day with what activities we would do and when. That way, we could check the time and know what to be working on at any given moment. Sure, it’s only been one day and with a couple tweaks here and there, I think we will get this figured out.

Sure, this isn’t the situation I pictured when they started school back in August, but we are going to roll with the punches and play out this hand we’ve been dealt.  In fact, my kids said I’m stricter about what they get done in a day than their teachers. I’ll figure out my groove, too, cause none of us wants to experience burn out.

Have you come up with a way to get schoolwork done during the day?

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