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I’m Not Cut Out To Be An Elementary School Teacher

March 20, 2020

We’ve been homeschooling for all of 5 days due to this pandemic keeping us at home, away from our beloved teachers. They have gone above and beyond what they are able to do from home. But it’s not the same.

At school, they get a hands on approach to learning. While at home, I’m basically going through worksheets with them and sending them to a computer to learn. Back in August, I couldn’t even imagine we would be here. If so, I would be much more prepared for what lay ahead.

My degree is NOT in early childhood education and while I’m great at playing board games and taking the kids outside to play, teaching is not my strength.

I miss school. The kids miss school. At home, I’ve got them on a schedule to keep some normalcy in their lives, but it doesn’t mean they are learning in the right way. We are doing all sorts of different activities per the school/teacher’s suggestion but the delivery is probably way off.

I don’t have the peppiness of a Kindergarten teacher keeping my little one engaged. My creative skills are different than that of a second grade teacher who makes my child squeal because learning is so much fun. And my fourth grader asks questions I’m am ill-prepared to answer.

During this time of homeschooling, I’ve learned a lot about patience, but more that I’m not cut out to be an elementary school teacher. They have a “thing” about them making their connection with my kids so special. The quicker we get this virus under control, the faster my kids can get back to a learning environment that suites them.


How is “homeschooling” going?

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