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August 11, 2019

One year ago, we did something that I was against for so long, but I finally caved. We got a dog. Not a dog, a puppy.

The kids were a little older and could help with taking her on walks. They said they were going to do everything else (feeds, pick up poop, brush, etc), but that all comes down to me. As I knew it would. Although, I was aware of the new responsibilities we (I) would take on with a puppy, I let down my guard for one second when they sent me a picture of a cute, furball.

Don’t get me wrong, puppies are cute but usually I’m able to give them back. I didn’t know if I was ready to take on raising another living creature. The kids (and my hubby) wore me down and we picked up our little bundle of fuzz. At 12 weeks old, we brought home Bailey.

While not the epitome of excitement at first, I have grown to love her. I’m pretty sure her love for me was day one. Sure, she is the family dog, but most days she is attached to my side.

Getting a dog has given me a reason to connect with nature and my thoughts on our walks. She has provided a new friend who wants to play all the time with the kids. Bailey is now a permanent fixture to our family. I’m glad the kids wore me down, because I couldn’t imagine life without her.

Do you have a pet? How has it made your life better?

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