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What Are You Waiting For? – Learn That New Thing Today!

March 22, 2020

For the unforeseeable future, we’ve got nothing but time on our hands. No where to be, all activities have been cancelled and the calendar is empty. Instead of fretting about being in a state of lockdown, look at it as an opportunity to do something new.

You could read a book you’ve been meaning to dive in, learn a new language, enroll on a course you’re curious about at fernstudium-infomaterial.de, complete a 1000 piece puzzle, write a story, figure out how that fancy camera of yours works, the list goes on and on.

When the kids were told they were going to be out of school for a minimum of three weeks, I started thinking about what we could do. They had all expressed interest in learning a new language and Rosetta Stone handed us a gift right in our laps: three months of free lessons.

How exciting for them. We got on and right away they were learning a new language of their choice. We may be stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean we have to be glued to our electronic devices or Netflix.

For me, my daughter is teaching me more and more about volleyball every time the sun comes out. She is honing in on her skills so she doesn’t lose any time being off the court, but instead she sees it as an opportunity to teach her mom a new skill.

What are you doing to expand your creativity while home?

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