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I Love A Good Party, But…

September 22, 2019

It’s always such a good time when the extended family comes over to celebrate one of the kids’ birthdays. We have a good time, everyone gets along in a genuine way. There is not fake niceties. And then it’s over. A couple hours of good conversation and company.

The introvert in me is wiped out when the party is over. I don’t know what it is but afterwards, I don’t like to plan anything else because I want to decompress the rest of the day. I know which one of my kids are exactly the same way. It’s the ones who ask if they can play on their kindles when people are still here.

I have found that I need to lock myself in our bedroom closet for a good 20 minutes just to have some time to myself. I’ll meditate, write, or just sit still for awhile. Don’t get me wrong, I can party it up like anyone but afterwards I’m spent.

How do you decompress after a celebration?

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