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Productivity During The Harvest Moon

October 13, 2019

All weekend I’ve been cleaning, organizing, purging things like a maniac. Come to find out there is a Harvest Moon going on right now that is promoting cleaning. How weird is that. As we were sitting out fireside last night, the moon was full and bright.

Oddly enough, my kids have been super helpful, wanting to clean and get their stuff in order as well. Usually, during full moons they are crazy and over the top. Not this time, it’s as if they are embracing the change in weather and wanting to get their nests all clean and ready to go for the winter.

Like bears, they have been getting their dens ready for hibernation and this minimalist mom is grateful for the extra trip to the donation center. Even the pack rats in my family are okay with getting rid of some of their things.

Now it’s time to get back at it and see what else I can put into keep, trash, donate piles. One of my favorite parts about cleaning up!


What are you purging during this full moon to get up for another season of life?

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