Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…hugs and kisses!

We all need a break sometime and to get one on one time with the grandparents. It is weird when one of our little birds leaves the nest for even one night.

As I’ve said before, Eli is my introvert and so when the opportunity of a sleepover with Gaga and Papa came up, I was shocked at how excited he was!

He is a homebody and I thought he would pass but after talking to him, he had fun playing games with them and sleeping over in the “big bed” at their house.

My mom did say that she could tell when he was tired from all the commotion from the day and he probably had the best and longest sleep he’s had in a long time.

He had so much fun there but I can always tell that he missed me when all he wants to do is cuddle and sit on my lap. It’s nice to fly from the nest for a little while as long as they come back!


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