Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…My sanity (and chicken sandwiches)

Some days I need to a place to find my sanity and with the kids on full blast tonight I had a hard time putting my finger on what I needed.

Then as I was trying to figure out dinner plans, it donned on me that I needed a big ol’ dose of Chick Fil-A.

If you are a mom of young kids then you get me. Sure guys, let’s eat and run around to get your high energies out. I am all for it. Let’s be honest, my hubby doesn’t quite get it but maybe it’s because he’s more of a burger and fries guy!

I can always tell when there is a full moon cause it affects my kids worse than a werewolf. The energy of the move tugs at them and it’s too much for my introverted self to handle.

I have to breath in patience and exhale overwhelm otherwise no one will make it through the evening. We even had the My Little Pony soundtrack blasting in the car to get us from home to “chicken heaven!”


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