Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for… daily me time!

All it took was FOUR DAYS!!!!

Four days for me to bring back old BAD habits. Ones that I had crushed in all solidarity. FOUR days of succumbing to the sickness that took over my house. It happened because I let go of the one thing that holds me together during the 99% of the time that I’m not sick: ME TIME!

I know that for many women Me time seems totally far fetched with juggling work, kids, activities, the house, personal issues and I get it because I’ve been the one rolling my eyes at the thought.

This past week, I let myself become one with the couch and forgo everything that makes me able to function. There was:

NO Yoga
NO Meditation
NO Journaling
NO Gratitudes
NO Crossfit
NO daily vitamins
NO Deep Breathing

BUT LOTS OF Yelling, Screaming, Frustration, Anxiety and overall Annoyance. I had slipped back into the woman that I had worked so hard to let go of and she found her way in so easily.

I realized that she had made her appearance yesterday when I lost my voice after yelling at the kids for something so menial and stupid.

Today, I rallied myself off the couch after feeling guilty and did most of those things that I had not done for four days and what happened was MIRACULOUS!

I was able to pause and maintain my patience. I was able to slow down and rationally speak to my family when they would do things that needed correcting.

This was the first time that I saw with my own two eyes the real benefit of taking ME time on a daily basis even if it’s only for a couple minutes of sitting in my closet breathing and hiding from everyone.

I saw that I only like the alone time but it is necessary to me being able to be able to function properly and nice to the rest of my family and more importantly MYSELF!




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