Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…being a two car family.

Ever since I was 16, I had my own car to drive, meaning if something happened in our family, we had a back up.

John and I have always been a two car family which makes me truly grateful to be able to take my kids to their activities if he has to work late or is out of town. Or to be able to hop in the car and go without having to check someone else’s schedule.

I am beyond blessed to have a hubby who is handy and can tell me what is wrong with the car if I hear a weird noise. Usually if it’s something small, he is able to repair it. We also make sure that we get the right auto insurance policy for both of our cars.

The times that something does happen, I am reminded not to take for granted how truly we blessed we are to have another car.

I am grateful for friends and neighbors that are able to help us out when we do get in a pickle before we are able to get the car fixed.

I am grateful for the abundant life we have to afford a safe and comfortable car, to be able to keep it running and to get a new car if we need to. I absolutely love my Wet Okole car seat covers.

Every day I make sure to write down what I am grateful for and be appreciative of what we have in the here and now so I can keep welcoming in more.


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