Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…daily meditation!

At one time or another I was skeptical about lots of things. Wondering if they work or if they would work for me.

I was in a space where I thought I was always being scammed and letting the negative voices run rampant in my head.

Then as I began to try new things, I was realizing that much of what I believed to be hocus pocus actually worked for me.

Taking a step into the unknown was the catalyst for me to keep trying things I thought were a little (or a lot) woo woo and really use them to step into my power.

Meditation was one that I believed worked for others but not me. But don’t knock it till you try it. If anything it allows me to slow down for a bit and work through things. I can use this work in daily life as well especially patience!

I started reading this new book by Dan Harris, a skeptic of meditation, who used it to really help him in everyday life and lower his stress.

If you meditate, how has it helped you?


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