Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for… Yoga!

Two years ago, I tried my first Yoga Class and was hooked. While I was a regular for awhile especially during marathon training, I didn’t stick with it.

Today, I’m grateful that I know enough moves and have the skill to get back on the mat when I need it. Since we moved back to Ohio in March, I began CrossFit. I love trying new forms of exercise but what I realized I wasn’t getting was a deep stretch afterwards.

I recently noticed how tight my muscles were feeling and my flexibility wasn’t as nimble as it was before. This week, I got back to my mat doing Yin (restorative) Yoga on my mat at home. Doing deep stretches each 3-5 minutes long has giving me back some of that mobility that I had lost.

Gratitude washes over me as I acknowledge this form of Yoga into my practice. While Hot Yoga is my go to, a deep stretch is going to help me out in other workouts as well!


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