Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for… ongoing goals!

As I was soaking in the last days of quiet before winter break, I was thinking about next year and goal setting.

It’s great to set goals for the beginning of the year if you plan on keeping them and seeing them through.

It doesn’t always happen like that and even I falter. But what I find is that the goals I set throughout the year even ones I start right before the new year are the ones I stick to the most.

Sure, I could wait the couple weeks to start but what’s wrong with right now. I made changes in my eating a couple weeks ago and it didn’t matter that it’s the holidays. My health is important and the change had to happen now.

Another thing I am setting the intention on doing is reading a new book every week and since reading is a passion of mine, I’m starting today! Not waiting till January 1st to start but taking ahold of what I enjoy right now!

What goals or intentions of yours can’t wait till the new year?


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