Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…being late once in awhile!

This is one of those Do Not Disturb moments. We, as a family, are a punctual if not early crowd. We do not like to be late and in fact would rather sit around waiting for something to start.

The kids were all ready for school this morning and while I was doing a couple last minute things and getting my coffee ready for my drive around town doing drop offs, I walked into this!

A moment of peace and togetherness where they were quietly drawing pictures and laughing. I was getting ready to rush them out the door but at that moment in time, I stopped myself.

I let them have this time and decided that it would be ok if they were a couple minutes late. I’m so grateful that these guys have each other. They have that love/hate relationship, but the love triumphs over all when they make these types of memories!


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