Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…a fulfilling schedule!

BUSY IS THE NEW FINE…. these have been my go to words for so long! It’s that knee jerk response when someone asks how you are. With four kids, it’s almost expected of me to say that!

The way I look at it is we are doing things we love and not necessarily busy. Yes, our calendar is full but so are our hearts.

The days are full with things we love to do and we still have plenty of time to spend together and get our alone time.

These pens are not a sign of busyness but instead a way to be organized with our activities. It’s so we can keep track of who needs to be where and when so we can be efficient with our time.

We are intentional with the things we choose to do and say YES to the things that we love individually.

This is not a crazy, busy schedule where we are stressed out. It is one where we get excited about the things that are coming up!

Ok maybe not the doctor or dentist appointment where we might have to get shots…


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